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Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit

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Latin Name: Ganoderma Multipileum

Get ready to have your mind blown with our Antler Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit. Simplifying the cultivation journey for you, this kit paves the way for a fulfilling harvest of the revered Antler Reishi, right from your space. Whether you’re an herbalist, a wellness aficionado, or a curious beginner, step closer to growing your own batch of this elixir of life.

Origin & Authenticity: Dive into the rich heritage of Antler Reishi, a mushroom revered globally for its renowned health benefits. Every kit, meticulously assembled in Belfast, boasts premium-quality spawn and substrate, all ethically and sustainably sourced within the UK

  • Technical Data: Best cultivated indoors at 16-24°C.
  • Natural Needs: Thrives under indirect natural light, in open spaces.
  • Yield & Fruiting: Anticipate your inaugural flush within 4-5 weeks. Every kit is tailored for 1-2 rewarding harvests.

Taste & Culinary Inspiration: Sip on the earthy and woody flavours of the Antler Reishi. Often brewed into teas or integrated into tonics, it's a wellness-focused staple. Need brewing ideas?  

Functional Mushroom Value: Reishi mushrooms, especially the Antler variety, are often hailed for their potential immune-modulating and anti-stress properties. A cherished inclusion for those dedicated to holistic well-being.

Our Promise & Grow Guarantee: We're on this journey with you! We guarantee each kit to produce at least one bountiful harvest of Reishi mushrooms, though many experience 2-3 fruitful harvests. Should you face any hiccups, our dedicated team is here to guide you.