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The Countdown to Transformation: Join Our Mushroom Revolution

The Countdown to Transformation: Join Our Mushroom Revolution

Following the intrigue sparked by our inaugural exploration into functional mushrooms, Hearty Growers stands on the precipice of a groundbreaking journey. As we delve deeper into the mycelium network, we’re thrilled to bring you closer to the heartbeat of our evolving mission.

A Seed Sprouts Amidst the Storm:

In December 2020, amidst the whirlwinds of global change, Hearty Growers germinated in the fertile grounds of Belfast’s vibrant food scene. Our simple yet profound mission was to introduce the freshest, highest quality mushrooms to our community. Terry, our founder and fungi aficionado, envisioned a world where mushrooms were not just food but a gateway to wellness and connection.

Culinary Adventures and Beyond:

Our voyage through the culinary world has been nothing short of a symphony of flavors and collaboration. From the savory depth of mushroom jerky to the soothing embrace of mushroom teas, each creation is a note in our ever-expanding melody of mushroom-infused delights.

Hearty Growers 2.0: Rooted & Rising:

As we’ve grown, so too has our vision. Today, Hearty Growers is blossoming into a movement that transcends urban farming to embrace the vast potential of functional mushrooms. With our community’s invaluable feedback and our dedication to the MVP (minimum viable product) approach, we’ve refined our focus to delicious mushroom teas, a range of grow kits, and immersive workshops that promise more than knowledge—they offer a journey.

The Kickstarter Countdown Begins:

The time has come to turn the page to our next chapter, and it’s with great excitement that we announce our Kickstarter campaign, launching on the 26th of April. In need of an overall £50k, our crowdfunding efforts aims at raising £5k. For 30 days, we embark on an all-or-nothing quest to bring our vision of Hearty Growers 2.0 to life—a vision that embraces the enriching power of functional mushrooms for all. 

Join the Revolution:

This is more than a campaign; it’s a call to arms for the mushroom revolution. Your support can unlock a world where functional mushrooms are not just an experience but a way of life. From the roots of urban Belfast to the heart of your home, join us in cultivating a future where wellness, community, and fungi flourish together.

We stand at the threshold of transformation, and your support is the key to unlocking this new horizon. The countdown has begun, and every moment brings us closer to realizing our shared dream. Be part of the change, be part of our family, and let’s grow into the future, together.

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