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Cultivating Wellness & Community Through the Power of Functional Mushrooms

Hearty Growers brings Belfast's finest locally cultivated functional mushrooms, ensuring sustainability, innovation and community collaboration in every nutrient-packed, wellness-focused product.

Join the Fungi Revolution: Discover, Taste, and Learn with Us


Unlock nature’s secrets for health with our farm-grown functional mushroom products.


Transform your meals into culinary adventures with mushroom-infused delicacies.


Find your tribe; we’re an inclusive community that values every member.


Immerse yourself through our flow based experiences with music art and body movements.


Revitalise your routine; infuse play into every day for a lighter, joyful and meaning life.

Try something new at our Fungify me workshop

We hold your hyphae and introduce you to the marvellous world of mushrooms. Each month we embark on a fascinating journey from spore to harvest, engaging your senses with the unique aromas, tastes, and textures of various mushrooms.

Our functional mushrooms tea blends contain 100% fruiting body. Belfast grown.

Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, our functional mushroom tea blends prioritize your wellness. Every sip is infused with the essence of locally-grown, 100% fruiting body mushrooms, meticulously cultivated by our dedicated team of experts in Belfast.

Our Mission

Hearty Growers aims to enrich lives through the cultivation and appreciation of fungi, fostering a strong community built on sustainable practices, collaboration, education and a deep connection to nature. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative mushroom based products and experiences while also serving as a hub for knowledge, creativity, networking and well-being.


Cultivate your own mushrooms at home with our easy-to-use kits

Gift a journey of excitement and education to your loved ones or indulge yourself. Cultivate mindfulness and captivation as you witness the fascinating growth process unfold, transforming any space into a sanctuary of fungal wonders.

Choose from a range of high-yielding functional mushroom growkits or select a bundle.


Explore, Learn, and Grow

Unlock a world of knowledge with our blog, intertwining education and inspiration, from delicious recipes to mycelium in arts, music, culture and deep dives into functional mushrooms and their benefits.

Shroom Talk

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Celebrating our Kickstarter Success and Exciting Upcoming Events

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Final Countdown: Support Our Kickstarter and Join Our May Events!

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