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Fungify Me: An Immersive Fungi Experience!

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Note: We now host two types of workshops. 
Click here to book our ‘Mushroom Mastery: The Art of Oyster Cultivation through Pasteurisation’ workshop.

🌱 Step into the world of fungi with our 'Fungify Me' workshop! Join urban farmer Terry and team as they unveil the mushroom lifecycle, from spore to harvest. 

Experience our urban farm firsthand, relish in unique mushroom based delicacies like tea, coffee, jerky and chocolate, and savor some delightful oyster mushroom pies for lunch. As a bonus, every attendee gets a free mushroom grow kit. 

Dive into the captivating mushroom realm with us. Ideal for culinary buffs, explorers, wellness enthusiasts and nature lovers. Elevate your culinary journey.

What You'll Experience:

  • 🍄 Discover the fascinating mushroom life cycle, from spore to harvest.
  • 🍫 Savour mushroom-infused delicacies: tea, coffee, jerky, chocolate, and more!
  • 🥧 Indulge in gourmet oyster mushroom pies for lunch.
  • 📦 Complimentary mushroom grow kit for every attendee!

🔥 Limited Spots Available! Don't miss out on this exclusive experience. Dive deep, taste, touch, and transform with the "Fungify Me" workshop.

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Dietary needs: We cater to vegans, vegetarians, and non vegetarians.
Allergens: Our pies contain gluten, dairy, and egg (non-vegan).

All tasting and sampling products are subject to availability.