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Join Our Kickstarter: Revolutionising Wellness with Functional Mushrooms

Join Our Kickstarter: Revolutionising Wellness with Functional Mushrooms

At Hearty Growers, we are excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, marking a pivotal chapter in our journey. Born during the challenging times of a global pandemic, our small urban farming initiative in Belfast is blossoming into a robust enterprise poised to innovate within the functional mushroom space.

Our Vision: With this campaign, we aim to enhance our product lines and operations:

  • Expanding Grow Kits: Introducing Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms, known for their health benefits.
  • Packaging Overhaul: We're upgrading our mushroom tea packaging to ensure freshness and align with our commitment to the environment.
  • Sustainable Shipping: Transitioning to fully biodegradable packaging solutions to further our eco-friendly initiatives.

Goals, Rewards and Appreciation:

Our backers are in for a treat with a range of rewards from mushroom teas and grow kits to exclusive workshops. Not into mushrooms? No worries! Our rewards make fantastic gifts for your loved ones. Plus, every supporter will receive special 'Thank You' shiitake truffles from Monto Chocolates.

Support Us: By backing our Kickstarter, you're not just funding a product; you're supporting a movement that champions health, community, and sustainability. Support us here and help shape a future where functional mushrooms are recognized for their incredible benefits.


Thank you for considering our project. Your support is crucial for us to continue growing and learning alongside these beneficial fungi. Together, we can transform the landscape of wellness and sustainability. Visit our Kickstarter page here and become a part of this transformative project!

What were we up to this week?!: Don’t miss our latest IG reel showcasing the hectic but exciting week leading up to our campaign launch! Watch here.


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