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May Events at Hearty Growers: From Gourmet Experiences to Workshops

May Events at Hearty Growers: From Gourmet Experiences to Workshops

At Hearty Growers, May is a month brimming with activities designed to engage, educate, and entertain our community.

Whether you’re a foodie, a gardening enthusiast, or someone curious about the health benefits of mushrooms, our lineup has something just for you.

Fungify Me (May 11th): Step into the world of fungi at our urban farm. This 2 hour immersive workshop is perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of mushrooms, from spore to harvest. Enjoy a variety of mushroom-based treats and take home a grow kit to start your own fungi journey. More details here.

Pints and Pies Supper Club (May 18th): Join Belfast Bourdain x Hearty Growers x Boundary

Taproom for an afternoon of ‘Pies & Pints’ 🥧 🍻 on Saturday 18th May from 12:30pm at Boundary Taproom. This is your chance to taste unique recipes and enjoy a lively community atmosphere. Sign up here.

Balmoral Show (May 18th): Join us at the 155th Balmoral Show, an agricultural event where on the final day we’ll share our mushroom teas, demonstrate our growkits and share about our workshop experiences, in collaboration with Tourism NI and Food NI.

Half Day Medicinal Mushrooms & Tincture Making Workshop (May 25th): Delve into the therapeutic world of medicinal mushrooms, as we collaborate with Sarah Hawkins. Learn how to make tinctures and discover the traditional and modern uses of mushrooms, including lunch lions mane tincture. Back by popular demand. Register now.

East Block Bazaar (May 26th): End the month at this vibrant market where community meets craftsmanship. This market is close to our heart. We've participated at this fabulous bazaar from Day 1, two years ago.  Don’t miss out on a day filled with fun, food, family and fungi! Paws friendly  Event info here.

Support Our Kickstarter: Choose from a whole range of rewards in exchange for your pledge, there is something for everyone. We’re making great strides, 10% progress so far, but we need your help to continue our journey of innovation and community engagement in the world of functional mushrooms. Join our campaign today! Support us here. 


We hope to see you at one (or more!) of these fantastic events.

Mush Love!

PS: CHAOTIC or CALM - did you see Terry climbing a tree and going bonkers in last week's reel!?


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