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Chaga & Rose Petal Tea (Caffeine Free)

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Chaga & Rose Petal Tea

Embrace the wild essence of the Scottish Highlands with our Highland Harmony Tea. This exquisite blend combines the robust depth of Chaga mushrooms, responsibly foraged from the verdant Scottish Highlands, with the delicate floral notes of rose petals. Enriched with the natural sweetness of dried apples and the tart vibrancy of black currant leaves, this caffeine-free tea offers a unique sipping experience. 

Each cup invites you on a journey through misty moors and lush glens, where the purity of nature infuses every leaf and petal. Savor the harmony of flavors and the wholesome embrace of the Highlands in every sip. 

  • Ingredients: Responsibly foraged Scottish Chaga, Blackcurrant Leaves, Rose Petals, and dried apple.
  • Brewing Instructions: Steep one teaspoon in 70c hot water for brew 5-7 minutes, the long the better, adjusting the brewing time to suit your taste and desired strength.

Weight: 50 grams Loose Leaf. Makes 30 Servings